Learn renju

Learn renju and the other variations of Five-in-a-Row game.
renju in a nutshell

renju learnRenju is often concidered as the professional variant of Five-in-a-Row. With the sophisticated rules renju offers joy for beginners, masters and everyone in between.

The official RIF rules can be found at www.renju.nu/rifrules.htm.

To become a better renju player one should definately look into these websites: www.renju.nu | www.renjuclass.com | www.renju.net.

Advanced players can try to solve the Test on 1 Dan.

gomoku and pente

Gomoku is an angient boardgame and with its simple rules it offers a good basics for the Five-in-a-Row. Most gomoku players switch to renju when they reach a certain level of skill.

Pente is a very intresting variant of the game. The opportunity of capturing opponents stones gives pente a fine addition of flavour.

You can find the rules of gomoku and pente in http://www.itsyourturn.com/t_helptopic2080.html .